The American Cheese Company (ACC) specializes in selecting and purveying cheeses and complimentary products to cheese lovers across the globe. We not only export the finest American artisanal cheese, but also offer the education, sales support, consulting, and training that will ensure the long-term success of our global trading partners.

Our mission is to introduce to the world, that American artisanal cheese is as high quality, creative, consistent and delicious as its European counterparts.


Our specialty is selecting and exporting top-tier products from the best cheese producers in the USA. We can supply your business with a line of cheeses you can be proud of selling. Our farms are meticulously hand picked to insure our cheeses are world class. With competitive pricing and an easy ordering and delivery options, we can ensure a seamless experience for our clients. We partner with accredited distributors for our products with freshness, quality, and consistency as our goal.


We also provide comprehensive education services to our partners and their staff. ACC sets sales teams up for success by providing a customized point of sale material, including information on the individual farms and cheesemakers. Clients receive monthly e-newsletters on farms, cheese, and current promotional products. We love sharing the stories of our farmers/cheesemakers have been up to! Our fun, educational webinars, and videos demonstrate everything our partners need to know about the product, including care and handling, cutting & wrapping instructions, proper storage techniques, cheese pairings and even interviews with cheesemakers and our favorite farmers. Throughout the experience, our specialists will be available for support and guidance.

ACC has our global trading partners covered on all ends supply chain from A to Z. We provide 24/7 access to sales information via email/text, conduct status calls with sales staff, and provide in-house staff trainings so that sales departments are set up for long-term success. Furthermore, we have detailed and accurate descriptions that are customized for each product. Available in both electronic and paper format, these product descriptions detail the origin, tasting notes, rennet style, pack size, and shelf life of the cheese.


In addition to sales department training, American Cheese Company offers consulting services for restaurants, cheese shops, and shipping logistics. We offer guidance on organization, finance training, and inventory management assessment for restaurants and cheese shops. We can assist in sales and inventory as well as store design and cheese display case design.