The American Cheese Company was created in 2015 to export American artisanal cheese and products from the US so the rest of the world could experience all our country has to offer. With 20 years in the specialty cheese field, founder Jason Donnelly realized that American artisanal cheeses have yet to be exported to regions that, while not usually known for cheese production, still have a passion for quality products. Thus, the American Cheese Company was born.

Jason Donnelly
has 30 years of experience in the Food Service industry, starting as a chef and then working in the New York City artisan cheese world for the past 23 years.

Jason Donnelly


Jason Donnelly’s passion for cooking started at a young age when he began making breakfast for his friends at just 12 years old. It wasn’t until age 14, however, that he knew he wanted to be a chef after cooking for 12 people with his stepfather. He graduated from Florida Culinary Institute in 1993 and worked as a chef for over 10 years.

After moving to New York City in 2000, Donnelly quickly realized that surviving on a cook’s salary was close to impossible. He needed to find another source of income, so he took a job working behind the cheese counter at Dean & DeLuca due to his knife skills and basic knowledge of cheese. Despite his initial hesitation, he found himself enjoying the days he worked at the cheese shop more than those in the kitchen.

In 2007, Donnelly took a job at Murray’s Cheese as Director of Wholesale, where he sold cheese to some of the country’s best chefs, including Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller. It was there that he saw the power of American cheese and how chefs of that calibre would use it all over their menus, not just on cheese plates. After a sabbatical to Southeast Asia in 2013, Donnelly was inspired to launch The American Cheese Company in 2015. He wanted to expose, export, and educate the world on the unique, consistent, and delicious American cheese that he had fallen in love with. With partners in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, The American Cheese Company is poised to do just that.

As its foundation, the American Cheese Company is dedicated to teaching clients about how distinctive and consistent American-made artisanal cheeses are, and showing the world that delicious American cheese exists. As the premier American-made cheese export company in the US, we have partners in the UK/EU, Middle East, and Asia and SouthEast Asia. The American Cheese Company is poised to carry out its mission: to expose, export, and educate the world in American artisanal cheese and products. As our motto says: Culture. Redefined.