Face Rock Creamery is located in the small town of Bandon on the beautiful southern coast of Oregon, near the California border. Historically, cheese, in particular cheddar cheese, has been made in Bandon since the late 1800s. Face Rock Creamery was founded in 2013 and makes handcrafted cheddar that supports the local economy and families. Face Rock Creamery honours the heritage and tradition of the area with each product it produces. Face Rock sources the majority of its milk from a family-operated dairy, just 15 miles away from the cheesemaking facility. Families have raised and grazed their herds on the green pastures in the Coquille Valley for generations and produce superior, high-quality milk from herds of Holstein and Brown Swiss cows. Our cheesemakers, led by our founding cheesemaker Brad Sinko, dedicate each day to maintaining the integrity of the cheese-making tradition. With thoughtful and intuitive blending of pure and simple ingredients. They have been honoured with numerous American Cheese Society (ACS) awards, as well as Good Food Award merits.