Beehive Cheese is in Northern Utah, in the Wasatch Mountains, an area known for its outstanding natural beauty. In 2005, Tim Welsh and Pat Ford left their jobs in the software industry and real estate industry to reconnect with the land and community by making cheese. Since the day they began making cheese, Tim and Pat have received their milk from a single source of milk, Wadeland Dairy. To this day, all the cheese’s Beehive makes is from that source of organic milk. Beehive started a revolution with their creation of the cheese “Barely Buzzed”, their coffee and lavender rubbed cheddar. From this, they have expanded their seasoned cheddar selection to 10 different flavours and numerous award-winning flavours, including the 2021 World Cheese Awarded Super Gold winner Queen Bee Porcini. The dedication, creativity and result of this standard can be tasted in every bite. The products stand out on a cheese plate and on the world stage.